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How to Properly Maintain Computer Hardware

Just like everything else, if you keep your computer nice and taken care of, it’s going to last longer. There are many things that you need to do with your computer hardware that will extend it’s life and help it perform better. Learn what steps you need to take that will make your machine have a longer life.The first thing to do for proper maintenance is to dust your machine from time to time. Dust is a problem because in many computer’s it will get inside on the components and block the vents. This is not good for your machine. Get a can of compressed air and use it to dust out your computer. This is best done when the computer is not plugged in and is detached from the battery.Heat is the biggest killer of most hardware. Dusting your computer will help it cool off more efficiently and stay cooler. Take extra precautions to make sure you keep the computer cool. For a laptop be sure to get a cooler pad if the computer runs a bit hot. With your desktop don’t make the huge mistake of pushing your computer against the wall completely. This blocks the vents and adds extra heat.Be sure that you shut down your computer properly. While you might think this is just a software issue, it’s actually related to hardware. When the computer is suddenly shut off, the internal components can have problems. Always do your best to go through a normal shut down.Transport your machine carefully. If you are taking your computer from place to place, especially a laptop, get a bag that protects and fits the computer so there is limited shaking which can impact hardware performance especially a hard drive.Always make sure you are plugged into a power strip. This is the best thing you can do to maintain your hardware long term. One power surge can ruin your computer completely.