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How to Properly Maintain Computer Hardware

Just like everything else, if you keep your computer nice and taken care of, it’s going to last longer. There are many things that you need to do with your computer hardware that will extend it’s life and help it perform better. Learn what steps you need to take that will make your machine have a longer life.The first thing to do for proper maintenance is to dust your machine from time to time. Dust is a problem because in many computer’s it will get inside on the components and block the vents. This is not good for your machine. Get a can of compressed air and use it to dust out your computer. This is best done when the computer is not plugged in and is detached from the battery.Heat is the biggest killer of most hardware. Dusting your computer will help it cool off more efficiently and stay cooler. Take extra precautions to make sure you keep the computer cool. For a laptop be sure to get a cooler pad if the computer runs a bit hot. With your desktop don’t make the huge mistake of pushing your computer against the wall completely. This blocks the vents and adds extra heat.Be sure that you shut down your computer properly. While you might think this is just a software issue, it’s actually related to hardware. When the computer is suddenly shut off, the internal components can have problems. Always do your best to go through a normal shut down.Transport your machine carefully. If you are taking your computer from place to place, especially a laptop, get a bag that protects and fits the computer so there is limited shaking which can impact hardware performance especially a hard drive.Always make sure you are plugged into a power strip. This is the best thing you can do to maintain your hardware long term. One power surge can ruin your computer completely.

7 Simple Steps To Profit Without Your Own Product

Most people do not succeed on the internet because they are selling products no one desperately wants.If you want to be truly successful sell only things that people really really really want to buy!Sounds simple? It is.You only need to find out what people desperately want and then give it to them.Unfortunately most people online (and offline) are ignoring this basic fundamental law to sales success.So without further ado, just follow this 7 step system to profits even if haven’t made a dime online yet….1. Go to Ebay’s ‘Hot Item Forum’ and find out what products and services are selling well.2. Find a local wholesaler who sells the products or services that are selling well on eBay who doesn’t already sell on eBay (most won’t be)3. Ask them, “If I was able to move X amount of units of your product, what percentage of your profits would you share with me?”4. If they are interested and are willing to give you a decent share of their profits, get them to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement and a Joint Venture Contract. They are both simple documents that you can find and download from the Internet.5. Arrange shipping with the company. Ask them to dropship the products to the people who have purchased from you on Ebay. (If they won’t do this get them to ship pallets of the product to you for you to do the shipping.)6. Get them to provide you with a complete list of their in-stock inventory. You’ll then be in a position to offer related products to any eBay customers who purchase from you as extra backend sales. Just make sure you agree a good profit percentage on each backend product with the company.7. Advertise the products on eBay and rake in the cash. If you are a complete eBay newbie or you have very limited time, go to the ‘Easy Trading Assistant’ homepage to do the selling for you if necessary.This is a proven, simple, elegant formula for anybody with a few spare hours a month to make good profits online. It requires zero technical knowledge and even a complete newbie can get started immediately.It only requires some surfing of eBay & the Internet followed by a few phonecalls to some wholesalers. The rest is child’s play. In fact you can even use the eBay Trading Assistant to do the selling for you. (They would take a small cut of course).Remember on eBay the shipping cost is a standard extra that the bidder pays, so you should have no problem negotiating with the wholesaler a fair price to do the shipping for you.The most important factor to increasing your income is to launch what I call your own little ‘oil wells’ which bring you in cash like clockwork. The above system shows you how easy this is to do.A fantastic resource for this simple system is available at http://www.hotitemfinder.com/cliffsfriendsCopyright 2004 Clifford Mee

Lifelong Learning – Careers in Education

Knowing what types of teaching jobs are available and what they entail may help you decide if teaching is for you and if so what type of teaching you should pursue.Elementary and Secondary TeachingTo be a teacher for elementary aged children the requirements vary from state to state. Generally, most states require that a teacher has a bachelors degree in education along with student teaching experience.Then, most states also require that you pass their certification tests and meet all legal requirements like background and drug testing.Elementary school teachers are typically work ten months out of each year with their summers off.Teachers plan and execute lessons, evaluate students based on educational criteria and communicate with students parents or guardians.They are also responsible for classroom discipline and basic classroom maintenance.Special EducationTeaching special education requires an extra special type of person. You need to have double the amount of patience, dedication and persistence as standard teachers do.Depending on the state you live, in you may even need to earn a masters degree to teach special education. You must be licensed to teach special education and you must have taken additional specialized courses during your education.Special education teachers teach children with a wide variety of physical, mental and emotional disabilities. That can encompass children who are deaf, blind, autistic, or simply have a learning disability.Teachers may be focusing on additional things above educational curriculum such as daily living skills. There are many new technologies and teaching methods emerging for use in this area of education so, continued education is advisable.ProfessorMany people love to educate, but they do not have the stamina or desire to deal with younger students. This makes the idea of becoming a college professor very appealing.College professors can teach a wide array of subjects for both professional growth or personal enhancement. They can also lead and conduct research with their students. The education requirements to become a professor vary based on the subject and the school it is being taught at.Some schools may even require you to have a PhD to teach certain subjects or at all.

7 Google Tools For Any Marketer

We all know that Google is a powerful marketing tool and a phenomenal search engine. Any marketer worth his salt will tell you that the goal for their online marketing division is to dominate Google. What does that really mean, though? Are we just trying to show up when someone types in a relative keyword phrase for our business? We all know that search engine optimization is hot, and that Google is the place where everyone wants to be. Unfortunately, though, a lot of marketers don’t realize that there are many other programs that Google has, which have very different functions, to assist them with their online marketing efforts. Here is a list of all of the available Google tools, at the current moment in time, which you can use to jumpstart your online marketing campaigns.Google AdWords – Anyone who knows anything about phrases like CPC (Cost Per Click), PPC (Pay Per Click), CPM (Cost Per Impression), Banner Ads, etc. should know a little bit about AdWords. There are two main networks within the AdWords program: Content/Display and Search. The Content/Display network allows you to post banner ads/graphics on partnering websites that are relative to your content. The Search network allows you to write/display a variety of ads and link them to relevant keywords. When someone types in these keywords, your ads display. It is an extremely powerful program that definitely has a bit of a learning curve, however, once you’ve mastered it, you can do amazing things!Google Docs – Think of Google Docs as an internet-based Microsoft Office. You have all the same types of documents (i.e. Word Document, Spreadsheet Documents, etc.), but the beauty is that these documents can be shared with other people. It doesn’t stop there… these documents are live creatures! You can literally watch live edits being made to the documents in real-time. This is extremely powerful for coordinating schedules or brainstorm sessions.Google’s Keyword Tool – There are two versions of this tool. One if for users with an AdWords account and one is a free version. Both versions are equally powerful, and allow you to search for keywords that are typed in by other users to get to sites like yours. You can easily compile a list of relevant keywords, their search volumes, how much advertisers are paying per click, and much more data. This can help with both your paid (i.e. PPC) or your free (i.e. SEO) efforts.Google Alerts – This is another great tool to stay up-to-date with news in relation to keyword phrases. Many people set up alerts for their own company name, their competitors’ names, and their industry terms to see when people are using these keywords in their content.Google News – A great place to stay up to date with industry-related news. You can see what topics are being thrown around and it’s a powerful tool to help you generate content for your own marketing efforts.Google Reader – Google reader is an amazing time-saving tool. You can use it to filter through all the content you don’t want to read about, and show only content that you’ve asked to be shown. Subscribe to blogs, websites, etc. and type in the keywords or phrases you’d like to stay up-to-date with. Whenever these sites release information regarding that keyword or phrase, you’ll have that content presented to you in an orderly fashion.Google Places – An extremely powerful marketing tool that enables people searching Google, to see all types of content related to your business. It will automatically show your location within Google Maps, and it appears towards the top of the page with search results automatically. Google Places uses location information from your computer to display local business results. Browsers can see your hours of operations, photos, your website, reviews, the types of credit cards you take, and much more! Many people use Google Places to appear at the top of the page for search results, especially small, local businesses. If you haven’t claimed your Google Places page yet, you should do so immediately.